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Comcast Blockchain Advertising Platform Developing with Disney, Channel 4 and TF1

The recently announced, Comcast blockchain advertising platform for video is being developed in collaboration with major TV networks, including NBCUniversal, Disney, Altice USA, Channel 4 (U.K.), Cox Communications, Mediaset Italia and TF1 Group (France).

The telecommunication giant’s initiative, entitled ‘Blockchain Insights Platform’, aims to improve the efficiency of premium video advertising, with a focus on ad planning, targeting, execution and measurement across screens.

Major international TV Networks collaborating for the new Comcast blockchain advertising platform

As the second-largest multichannel video service provider in the US, the company is utilising it’s relationships within its Comcast’s Advanced Advertising Group to pull in further participants, and is in discussions with further programmers, distributors, device makers and marketers from the U.S. and Europe.

Comcast Cable’s President of Advertising, Marcien Jenckes, stated:

“This new technological approach would make data-driven video advertising more efficient and consumer data more secure.”

DATA SHARING – Comcast Blockchain Advertising Platform

A major endeavour of the new advertising platform, will be to streamline the process of data sharing, without compromising protection and privacy of their users.

Currently, there are a few ways data is shared, however they often requires a third party such as Experian to do a blind-match, or are more complicated requiring tapping into multiple data pools, which can create other issues.

The Blockchain Insights Program intends to utilise the security and speed of blockchain technology, in order to let data owners share their assets, without ever handing them over to a third party.

In example, Comcast explains that the data can be segmented and locked into different vaults, the owner decides to allow an advertiser to access specific vaults and provides a key, the advertiser can then send its adtech stack into the vault to execute the campaign.  No data ever leaves, and the ‘ledger’ records the transaction.  Jenckes said:

“You never make anything available that you can’t, or that you don’t want to,” he added “It’s always in your control, and that’s the most important thing.”

Comcast blockchain advertising
Comcast blockchain advertising platform aims to improve efficiency of data sharing

The Aim of The Blockchain Insights Platform

The platform will potentially eliminate the need for data to be sent anywhere, even enabling marketers, publishers and programmers to access data for planning their ad buys, as well actually making ad buys, for both broadcast and OTT TV (media content delivered over the Internet).

Comcast anticipates launching in the next four months, and are currently working with the partnered TV Networks, to establish any further use cases for their data.  Comcast’s Jenckes states the blockchain initiative will:

“ultimately create even more value for the television advertising industry,”

Comcast have stated that it hopes to eventually open the Blockchain Insights Platform to everyone.

As per previous BCTech Report‘s, there are a number of significant blockchain trials for the advertising industry, such as Unilever and IBM testing a blockchain digital ad supply chain platform, or the worlds largest brewer, InBev, that is trialling Budweiser on startup Kiip’s ethereum-based blockchain to track ad data.

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