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Founded in 2015 in Ireland, AID:Tech is an award-winning company that focuses on the delivery of digital entitlements, such as aid, welfare and remittance, using blockchain technology and digital identity.

AID:Tech was the first company in the world to successfully deliver international aid using blockchain technology.

AID: Tech’s products and services aim to help clients and partners address some of the world’s largest social issues as well as targets set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – signed on by over 190 countries.

Built on the Hyperledger Fabric platform, it’s solutions are able to deliver insights into performance, transparency and efficiency, generating rich datasets with which organisations can harness to improve how funds, products and assets are distributed and tracked.

AID:Tech has attracted a flurry of investment, including from renowned American Angel investor, Jason Calacanis, and a number of companies such as Techstars, Enterprise Ireland, and SGI Innovate.

The project also caught the attention of Rockefeller and Expo2020, a Universal Exposition to be hosted in October 2020 in Dubai, both of whom have awarded AID:Tech grant funding.

AID:Tech has received a number of awards, that include:
– United Nations – Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer 2017
– Citi Tech4Integrity Challenge – Global Game Changer Award Winner, presented by IMF MD, Mdm Christine Lagarde to AID:Tech CEO Joseph Thompson.
– IBM LAUNCH – No.1 Global Startup Startup Europe Award – National Winner in Social

AID:Tech is a for profit company with a drive for social responsibility.  It is currently a registered business in Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S.


aidtech company information ceo joseph thompson


Entrepreneur, Joseph Thompson, co-founded AID:Tech after his donation of over $100,000, which he raised by running 151 miles through the Sahara desert in the 2009 ‘Marathon de Sables’, was “lost” by a charity instead of being distributed to the groups that they help.  He sits on the Board for the Irish Bitcoin Foundation, and has won a number of awards, most notably United Nations SDG Pioneer for blockchain technology and the Citi Tech4Interity, Global Game Changer Award. Joseph holds two degrees in software systems and a Masters in Strategic Management.


aidtech company information coo Niall Dennehy


Niall Dennehey, joined Joseph to develop, co-founding AID:Tech in 2015.  He holds a Bsc. in Information Technology.  A tech entrepreneur, this is the second business that he and Jason have built together, the first being, Ireland’s first Prezi design company. Prior to venturing into his own businesses, he served as a Senior Business Analyst for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and AIB in Dublin Ireland. He believes that AID:Tech’s mission is to “bring social and financial inclusion to the world’s undocumented and underserved populations using digital identity and blockchain technology.”