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Founded in 2016, ArQit aims to provide a quantum resistant blockchain eco-system for enterprise applications.

The aim of Arqit technology is to secure enterprise networks against the immense hacking capabilities of the emerging ‘quantum computer’.  ArQit is fixing the key problem by using Quantum Key Distribution. This uses the quantum properties of photons to create unique keys that can be shared between two parties in laser transmissions from a satellite, which is unhackable.

These keys are embedded into the ArQit blockchain at Nodes, and also used to create shared secrets that can be used to safely onboard new users to the system.

Utilising the open source coding of Corda, which has been modified to become a decentralised public blockchain, Arqit have incorporated the quantum encryption, which has been developed over three years in partnership with a consortium of European companies, universities, and an associated research foundation.

Further to this, Arqit engineers have added distributed governance and economics, which enable the dynamic creation of Distributed Autonomous Organisations and dApps that meet the size and security needed for each specific use case.

Arqit tokens (AQT) will be used by DApps wishing to launch on the Arqit Node network, and will enable engagement with the quantum nodes for a variety of purposes.

The highly regarded, award winning team of engineers, scientists and business professionals at ArQit, were also early pioneering members of the community that built Corda.

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ArQit company information ceo david bestwickDAVID BESTWICK – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

David Bestwick is the architect of ArQit’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system.  An esteemed astrophysicist, he has received a number of accolades and was the winner of the Arthur C Clarke Prize.  Bestwick leads a distinguished team of engineers and advisers for ArQit as it’s CEO.


ArQit company information chairman david williamsDAVID WILLIAMS – Chairman

Former CEO of Avanti, a $1bn space start up. UK Growth Company Entrepreneur of the Year 2008.






ArQit: A quantum resistant business eco‑system on an open source blockchain. Helping the blockchain community to flourish in a post‑quantum environment.

The ArQit Whitepaper