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Attest Inc.

Headquarters 20 W Kinzie St Chicago Illinois U.S.A. Website:

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Attest is an identity management company that enables consumers, businesses and governments to securely transact on a shared identity platform using blockchain technology.

The Attest identity platform allows governments to offer a convenient and secure identity service to citizens; consumers to regain control of their digital footprint and unlock the value of their personal data; and businesses to extend “government-grade trust” to all transactions with consumers.

The Chicago based startup was launched in March 2018 by two former employees of the Illinois State’s governing office.  Whilst working together on five early-stage blockchain efforts for the State of Illinois, that included the issuance of deeds for state property, and a state citizens’ healthcare records management system, the concept for a broader blockchain identity solution was born.

Attest have developed two products, firstly the ‘Attest Wallet’, based on decentralised ledger technology, it provides a cryptographically secured identity storage for users to store digital versions of government and business IDs in one place, with  permission controlled access to stored information.

The second solution is called ‘Attest Enterprise’ and comprises two application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow users to verify their identity, authorise third parties and provide consent to others to manage their data on their behalf.

Attest aims to help governments, businesses and developers turn big ideas into secure, user-friendly digital identity experiences.

November 2018 – “Big Four” accounting firm Deloitte partners with Attest to deliver digital identity solutions with government-compliant identifiers for its government clients.


attest ID blockchain co founder CEO Cab MorrisCAB MORRIS – Co-Founder & CEO

Chicago based, Cab Morris is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Attest inc.  Having built a career within the government sector, Morris began by spearheading a digital licensing initiative for Illinois’ governmental regulatory body to enable 1.1 million professionals and businesses to conduct all license applications/renewals online.  Just a year into the project, he was then appointed as the Lead for the State of Illinois’ Blockchain Initiative, until departing to set-up Attest with fellow team mate Jennifer O’Rourke.


attest ID blockchain Co founder jennifer o rourkeJENNIFER M. O’ROURKE – Co-Founder & President

Co-Founder Jennifer O’Rourke is also the President of Attest inc.  As the former deputy director of entrepreneurship for the State of Illinois, O’Rourke worked closely with Cab Morris on five initiatives to utilise blockchain technology for different departments and citizen services for the state.  O’Rourke holds a Masters degree from the University of London.






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