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Headquarters 158 W 27th Street 11th Floor New York, NY 10001 Website:

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Axoni is a provider of distributed-ledger technology for financial institutions and capital markets service providers.

Founded in 2013, Axoni serves the world’s largest financial institutions and capital markets service providers with full stack blockchain solutions.

A New York-based capital markets technology firm, Axoni’s product offerings include distributed ledger technology deployments, bespoke smart contract development and analytics tools.

In various production implementations, Axoni have demonstrated that its blockchain software can serve multiple asset classes and use cases at the world’s most advanced financial institutions.

2016 – Axoni completes a series A round of funding, led by Wells Fargo for $18 million.

2017  – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Citigroup have already successfully tested the company’s blockchain platform Axcore for trading equity derivatives.

2017 – DTCC announced that it would work with IBM together with blockchain consortium R3, to re-platform its Trade Information Warehouse (TIW) for derivatives processing onto Axion’s Axcore blockchain.

2018 – Axoni Completes an unprecedented Series B round of funding led by Goldman Sachs, with other major financial institutions, together with high-profile blockchain investors, raising $32 million, bringing total funds raised to $55 million.axoni blockchain company information - investors

As part of the investment, Axoni’s board of directors has also grown to include Goldman Sachs managing director, Ashwin Gupta, and Wells Fargo’s head of MSETS, C. Thomas Richardson, joining existing members Michael McFadgen of NEX Group and Joe Ratterman, the former CEO of Bats Global Markets, now Cboe.

axoni-blockchain-company information CEO greg-shveyGREG SCHVEY – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Greg is a repeat entrepreneur and drives Axoni’s strategic execution. He previously co-founded TradeBlock and worked as a fixed income analyst at Citigroup. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University where he studied finance.



axoni-blockchain company information -Jeff-SchveyJEFF SCHVEY – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jeff oversees all technology at Axoni. He previously co-founded TradeBlock and worked as the Engineering Lead in Raytheon’s strategy group.  Jeff holds a master’s degree in engineering from Cornell University.