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BlockApps is the first company incubated out of ConSensys 2015 and continues to lead blockchain implementation for both enterprises and startups. BlockApps’ mission is to create products that enable developers, startups and enterprises to build and deploy custom applications on blockchains.

STRATO, a Blockchain development solution, allows developers to build custom blockchain applications and smart contracts and deploy them on both public and private blockchain ledgers.

BlockApps has built strategic partnerships with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Red Hat and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.


blockapps company information cofounder kieren james-lubinKIEREN JAMES-LUBIN – President & CEO

Kieren is President and CEO at BlockApps. He architected and implemented BlockApps RESTful API and surrounding products and components, including the authorization framework, peer to peer networking code, Node.js client, and third party integrations.



blockapps company information cofounder dr james hormuzdiarDR. JAMES (Jim) HORMUZDIAR – CTO

Jim is the creator of the Haskell Ethereum client, EthereumH. EthereumH was the first client developed outside the Ethereum Foundation to be fully compliant with the public Ethereum network. To accomplish this feat, he had to reverse engineer most of the core protocols of the Ethereum blockchain.



blockapps company information cofounder Victor Wong

VICTOR WONG – CPO & Chairman

Victor is a recognised thought­ leader in the blockchain space having organised several of the first Ethereum hackathons and presented at several conferences including Ethereum’s DevCon1 and EY’s Innovation Summit. At BlockApps, he helped define the STRATO architecture to solve key blockchain issues of data transparency and scaling.


BlockApps enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) entitled ‘STRATO’ is based on the Ethereum protocol, and it is designed to enable rapid-deployment for enterprises to integrate traditional SQL databases with blockchain data, creating a familiarity and seamless integration.

In 2017, BlockApps chose to become a Red Hat ISV Partner.

BlockApps Co-Founder Kieren James-Lubin, demonstrates how to write a Smart Contract-enabled application on the private BlockApps STRATO blockchain in less than 5 minutes.