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Bloom Protocol – decentralised credit scoring powered by Ethereum and IPFS.
Bloom is a protocol for assessing credit risk through federated attestation-based identity verification and the creation of a network of peer-to-peer and organisational creditworthiness vouching (“credit staking”).
Bloom is a standardised, programmable ecosystem to facilitate on-demand, secure, and global access to credit services. Bloom presents a novel approach to credit risk assessment allowing both traditional fiat lenders and digital asset lenders to issue compliant loans on the blockchain while increasing competition to lower fees and improve borrower experience at every layer of the credit issuance process.
The Bloom protocol improves the current credit ecosystem by creating a globally portable and inclusive credit profile, reducing the need for traditional banking infrastructure and opaque, proprietary credit scores. This means both traditional fiat lenders and digital asset lenders will be able to also securely serve the 3 billion people who currently cannot obtain a bank account or credit score. Bloom decentralizes the credit industry while lowering rates and increasing security. Bloom makes it easy for lenders to transition to the blockchain by offering a new, compliant way for them to access new markets.
bloom company information Jesse Leimgruber-ceo-cofounderJESSE LEIMGRUBER – CEO & Co-Founder
Jesse studied computer science at Stanford University.  Jesse is an advisor to The Alchemist Accelerator, a Thiel Fellow, and a mentor at the European Innovation Academy. He’s served as a guest lecturer at Stanford University, The University of Southern California, DePaul, among others. Prior to Bloom, Jesse founded enterprise analytics software, NeoReach.  NeoReach provides analytics for Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Citrix, Walmart, among others.
RYAN FABER – Founding Team
Ryan Faber developed a behavioral recognition methodology designed to leverage online psychographic data for user acquisition. Using his research, Ryan launched Flatiron Collective. Flatiron now manages over $100M annually in digital marketing spend. His developments in user acquisition have allowed him to become a 3x Webby Award winner and his methodology has been attributed to the exponential growth of numerous billion dollar brands.
ALAIN MEIER – Founding Team
Alain Meier studied computer science at Stanford University and served as a research scientist for Stanford Bitcoin Group. Founded by 21 CEO, Balaji S. Srinivasan, The Stanford Bitcoin Group is Stanford University’s blockchain research organization.  Alain developed a number of open source cryptography projects including, an open-source service allowing users to send encrypted, single-view messages in seconds.  Following his work at Stanford, Alain is serving as the CEO of compliance and identity verification company, Cognito (formerly BlockScore).
JOHN BACKUS – Founding Team
John is a founding research scientist at Stanford Bitcoin Group and studied computer science at Stanford University. He is a Thiel Fellow and cofounder and CTO of identity verification company, Cognito. John is an expert at identity infrastructure, previously engineering data preprocessing algorithms for large-scale entity extraction for deterministic and probabilistic record linkage. This is currently implemented into Cognito’s core identity resolution and record linkage infrastructure, now processing identity and compliance for tens of millions of cryptocurrency users globally.
DANIEL MAREN – Founding Team
Daniel Maren studied computer science at Stanford University. He founded solar power electronics company,
Dragonfly Systems, which was acquired by SunPower Corporation in 2014. Daniel remains an advisor to SunPower, guiding solar + storage product efforts and international business development.  He has expertise in international infrastructure development, finance, and energy, where he is a recipient of a Forbes 30 under 30 award. Previously, he architected a biofuels program for Indonesian farmers, who struggle with seed and equipment financing.
SHANNON WU – Founding Team
Shannon is CEO of Mr.Progress, a leading marketing firm for fast-growing Silicon Valley companies working on transformative technologies. She has worked with Visa, Coach, Jawbone, Branch and others. She is co-founder of, supporting dominant Ethereum projects and blockchain initiatives. Passionate about disruptive models, she has been investing, advising and partnering with early stage companies for years. She frequently lecturers on marketing and company building at Stanford University, her alma mater, and  accelerators. She previously headed marketing at, an early stage fund investing in young innovators.


Bloom is a decentralised credit scoring protocol powered by Ethereum and IPFS.

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