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Headquarters 6 Battery Road #10-01 0409909 Singapore Website:

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Clear builds secure, decentralized clearing networks using enterprise-grade blockchain technologies and programmable smart contracts.

Clear’s networks allow near-real-time settlement and automatic intelligent dispute resolution on a global scale. This reduces costs, inefficiencies and fraud, while maintaining confidentiality of contracts and trade details. Moreover, these networks enable rapid participant-driven innovation of new on-demand products, contracts, and business models, accelerating exponential growth.

Starting with Telecommunications, Clear completed two proof of concepts with PCCW Global and Colt, and is working on a third with Tier 1 carriers Telefonica, Telstra, and British Telecom.

Clear is also launching a Data on Demand PoC at the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) later this year, which will enable Telcos to unlock new revenue streams from bandwidth on demand and cloud.

Clear’s Technology:

– Zero-knowledge proofs enable transaction verification without exposing proprietary data.
– A multi-layer blockchain combines enterprise scalability with blockchain auditability and security, ensuring all proprietary information is immutable, secure, and confidential.
– Automatic intelligent dispute resolution unlocks creative and adaptive business models, provides near-real-time settlement and clearing, and significantly cuts costs.
– eSDR (stable enterprise-grade coin) enables instant, secure, and cheap B2B payments.

Clear blockchain company information cofounder Eran Haggiag

ERAN HAGGIAG – Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Eran Haggiag has more than 20 years of experience in developing, managing, and founding software-related companies. Eran started as a professional developer when he just was just 16 years old. In 2001, he joined AlphaCSP, a leading software consultancy firm. His main client was IDI Direct Insurance where he served as a CTO. After Malam Team acquired AlphaCSP, Eran partnered with Barak Capital to found and serve as CTO of Pegasus Smart Trading. In 2014, he co-founded Meme Video, which he sold two years later to Somoto, continuing as its CEO for 3 years. In 2016 Eran co-founded Whitenoise, an algorithmic performance marketing company. He sit on the advisory board of JFrog and a partner and co creator of Venn (Raised $20m).


Clear blockchain company information cofounder Gal HochbergGAL HOCHBERG –  Co-Founder & CEO

Gal Hochberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clear and has over 15 years of experience building and leading software companies and over 5 years in the blockchain ecosystem. Previously, he worked for companies in the fields of cyber-security, machine learning, big data, scalable systems and web applications. He co-founded HiredScore, an AI HR company used by Fortune 500 companies to identify the best candidates in their funnel. He has worked as an engineer and researcher in the fields of cyber-security, computer graphics, machine learning, big data, web-applications and scalable systems and as a consultant for large global corporations. Capacity Media named Gal as one of the top 20 Telecom innovators to watch in 2018!


Clear uses blockchain technology to speed up intra-industry settlement times and reduce costs, while maintaining control, privacy, and a high level of assurance.

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