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Headquarters 30 City Road London EC1Y 2AY United KingdomOffice Quai du Seujet 30 Geneva CH-1201 Switzerland Website:

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Clearmatics is developing the next-generation clearing machines for financial OTC markets, using ethereum-based blockchain technology.  Its blockchain platform brings together custodians and end-users on a single platform, where members can settle securities trades and automate the performance of derivatives and other financial contracts using their Decentralised Clearing Network (DCN) technology.

Clearmatics’ “Distributed Virtual Machine” (DVM) combines logic with ledger to achieve true distributed automation of business processes. Leveraging the DVM enables entrepreneurs in sectors across the economy to create new business models and redesign processes to drive innovation.

At the core of its DCN technology are smart contracts, deals expressed in computer code that debit and credit distributed asset ledgers when executed. Counterparts execute a smart contract using cryptographic signature, and because their DCN hosts a Turing-complete programming language, counterparts can code any custom contract, making it possible for permission-less innovation in the design of new derivative contracts, where the buy-side can create new tradeable products themselves.

Raising over $1 million (£830,000) in seed funding, Clearmatics has begun building out financial market applications with top tier financial services partners to streamline payments and clearing and settlement processes.

Based in London, Cinematics has a small dedicated team with an impressive Advisory Board, that includes Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin.

Clearmatics is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

clearmatics-company information-founder-ceo-robert-sams ROBERT SAMS – Founder and CEO

obert founded Clearmatics in 2015.  His background includes over 11-years experience as a hedge fund manager and macro specialist, focused on central bank policy. Robert has launched 2 hedge funds and developed pioneering financial models, he specialised in interest rate futures, options, swaps, and US Treasury repo, and worked on modelling switch risk in government bond futures.  Robert’s interest in digital and  alternative currencies began as a student, and he has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011.  Robert has featured in FT and Business Insider, for his expertise on blockchain.  An avid programmer, Robert has authored a numbers of open source projects.