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Headquarters Gotthardstrasse 20 Zug 6300 Switzerland Website: www.dfinity.org

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Founded in 2014, DFINITY is building a new kind of public decentralised cloud computing resource.

Dfinity is a blockchain based world computer network that is powerful enough to host business applications at scale. The network features a variety of innovations in the blockchain space.

The Dfinity network is self-governing through the use of an adaptive network called the Blockchain Nervous System (BNS).   The network is also capable of achieving transaction finality at an average speed of 7.5 seconds due to advancements in random number generation and selection.

The Dfinity protocol uses Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs), BLS Cryptography and the Threshold Relay technique (powered by a random beacon) to achieve these speeds.  This technology is aimed at developers who would like to create and run smart contracts on a blockchain network. Dfinity is also attractive for businesses seeking an enterprise solution that can lower (human capital based ) costs with benefits such as speed, security and scalability.

The Dfinity Team is arguably the most impressive group scientist, mathematicians and engineers assembled in a startup tech company.  Some coming from Google, most from top Universities and even a few professors on the team, their complex and ambitious aims are exciting.

Dfinity is privately held with over $100 million raised, $61 million coming from well-respected investors Andreesen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, which has investors ranging from Sequoia Capital to Union Square Ventures.

dfinity company information president dominic williamsDOMINIC WILLIAMS – President & Chief Scientist

Dominic is a crypto theoretician and entrepreneur. His recent math includes Threshold Relay and PSC chains, Validation Towers and Trees, and USCIDs, and he proposes new ideas such as “The 3 E’s of Sybil Resistance”. Previously he ran a venture-backed MMO game using his own distributed systems that hosted millions of users.


dfinity company information chief-scientist andreas rossbergANDREAS ROSSBERG – Senior Staff Scientist & Engineer

Andreas was previously a Staff Engineer at Google, where he co-designed the WebAssembly virtual machine, now continuing as lead editor of the language specification, and led the JavaScript language team for the Chrome V8 engine. Andreas was formerly a post doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute. He has published many papers.


The Internet Computer : 

A blockchain supercomputer designed to host the next generation of software — Cloud 3.0


In-depth explanation of DFINITY with a presentation from President Dominic Williams