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Headquarters 69-89 Mile End Road London E1 4TT United Kingdom Website: www.everledger.io

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Everledger is an award winning emerging technology enterprise that tracks the provenance of high-value assets on a global digital ledger.   Using blockchain, smart contracts, IoT and machine vision, Everledger has created a hybrid model of innovative and effective solutions that records the immutable provenance of an asset through a distributed ledger platform.

These technological solutions are developed and deployed to markets where provenance matters, providing stakeholders across supply chains with an immutable history of an asset or data’s authenticity, existence and ownership.

This asserts transparency at every stage of the supply chain process which serves to mitigate global risk and fraud challenges faced by stakeholders.

Everledger is a permanent, digital global ledger for diamond certification and transaction history.  It tracks and protects items of value providing insurance companies, owners, claimants and law enforcement with an immutable history of the items authenticity, existence and ownership.

Everledger boasts an impressive set of peer recognition and awards including: The Best Blockchain/Bitcoin Company;  European FinTech Award 2016;  a Meffy Award 2015 for Innovation in FinTech;  BBVA Open Talent 2015;  Fintech Finals Best in Show Award 2016 Hong Kong.

Everledger company information CEO Leanne Kemp

LEANNE KEMP – Founder and CEO

Leanne Kemp founded Everledger in 2015.  Utilising her extensive background in Emerging Technologies, Business, Jewellery and Insurance – Leanne and Everledger are working towards creating global transparency and an ethical trade platform by constructing a digital and encrypted global certification system that assists in the reduction of fraud, black markets and trafficking.


At Everledger, we assert transparency by building on both the public blockchain and private blockchains, so to achieve a hybrid technical model. This allows us the best of both worlds; high security of the public blockchain combined with permissioned controls in private blockchains that allow us to better serve the industries we work in.

Everledger is proudly contributor of the Hyperledger community, committed to advancing open source collaboration and working alongside the brightest minds in the blockchain space.