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Headquarters 1 Farnham Road Surrey Guildford GU2 4RG United Kingdom Website:

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Guardtime is the world’s largest blockchain company by revenue, headcount and production customer deployments.  The Guardtime technology stack is optimised for solving problems in enterprise with solutions developed for GDPR compliance as services, physical anti-counterfeit, digital content management, critical infrastructure protection and healthcare interoperability.

Guardtime is a  team of over 150 cryptographers,  developers and security architects, with decades of experience defending networks from nation-state attack. Over the last decade we have built a technology platform called KSI that allows us to tackle hard problems in security, supply chain, compliance and networking.

guardtime company information CEO Mike GaulMike Gault – CEO and Founder

Mike Gault founded Guardtime in 2007 in Estonia and has since expanded to Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.  Prior to this he was Managing Director of Barclays Investment Bank and a Senior Director at Credit Suisse.  Mike also has an extensive academic background with a PHD in Electrical and Elctronics Engineering; and is a Quantum Computational Devises research fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Guardtime federal was established in 2014 to exclusively support the cyber security and related security requirements for the US Defense Department, the US Intelligence Community, other US government departments and industrial communities supporting these US state capabilities.


Guardtime’s CTO Matt Johnson explains the basic concepts behind the KSI, including the seemingly insolvable differences between privacy and integrity and how KSI manages to enable widely witnessed integrity while retaining absolute privacy.