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Headquarters San Francisco California 94111 United States Website: www.hacera.com Website: www.unbounded.hacera.com

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HACERA uses Zero-Knowledge proofs to solve inherent problems relating to privacy, data confidentiality and transaction unlinkability.  It allows blockchain participants to transact freely without worrying about others being able to “profile” them, and see all of their transaction history, prices, amounts or even counterparties.

With a “no vendor lock-in” mantra, HACERA was designed and built from the ground up as a blockchain-agnostic, full-stack solution using Hyperledger.

Meeting the unique requirements for enterprise level blockchain technology solutions, The HACERA Kore was developed.  It is a framework allowing participants and organisations to seamlessly secure and protect sensitive data and information on blockchains.

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In September 2018, IBM partnered with Hacera to launch the Unbounded Network Registry​.  A directory to enable both permissioned and public blockchain networks to be easily discovered, with the aim of expediting the growth of these networks.  Dubbed ‘the yellow pages of blockchain’, the goal is that this registry becomes a go-to education tool for the market, as adoption of distributed ledger technology increases, and we start to see an increasing-returns network effect as small ledgers acquire more users. For second wave adopters, it identifies permissioned ledger networks to possibly join before launching their own.

Also in September, Hacera partnered with Hyperledger to launch a vendor agnostic hyperledger fabric fundamentals training course, for which Hacera’s founder and early contributor to Hyperledger, Jonathan Levi is appointed as the course instructor.

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Jonathan Levi helped shape Hyperledger Fabric’s Membership Services (the permissioning layer of Hyperledger Fabric) and was the official release manager of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0.  Jonathan has worked with several blockchain technology stacks, including bitcoin and ethereum. He founded Hacera in 2015, bringing together a team of cryptographers, mathematicians and computer scientists specialising in secure distributed systems that scale.  Jonathan has also worked within a number of blue chip companies, included Cisco Systems, Goldman Sachs and Barclays, where he was appointed vice president of quantitative analytics and headed the integration of Lehman’s Brothers credit systems in New York after their acquisition.  Levi studied computation and applied mathematics at Stanford University.


HACERA is security framework that significantly simplifies the Access Control Management (who can see what, who can do what, who did what, etc.) on blockchains.  Its speciality and focus is highly secure Authentication, Authorisation and Auditing/Accounting (AAA) services on blockchains.

HACERA is focused on regulated institutions that must comply with stringent policies regarding privacy, sensitive data processing and service availability. Built for scalability, HACERA seamlessly protects participants’ identity properties, even when stored across multiple identity systems, using strong cryptography.