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Headquarters 465 Fairchild Drive Suite 128 Mountain View, Mountain View California 94043 U.S.A. Website: Website: – ICO reputation system

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Founded by LinkedIn Co-founder Eric Ly, Hub is a decentralised trust network powered by blockchain.  Hub allows a user to build and share their reputation anywhere, with anyone, and in any community.

Using blockchain technology, Hub aims to provide people with verified portable reputation data and encourages more trustworthy interactions and transactions online.

Based in Mountain View, California, Hub utilises a token that people use to vouch for their trustworthiness, giving each person a stake in the outcome of their interaction.  This history of outcomes is maintained on your Hub reputation profile.  A user controls when his/her profile information is shared with others; allowing the user to demonstrate expertise and credibility through his/her past history of successful interactions.

A users Hub trust score will be portable, verifiable, and will be interoperable across applications. A trust score comes complete with interaction histories, and reputation data, which permits only the user to control how it is accessed by applications and communities.

Users interact with the Hub rating system through the Hub app, a professional network connecting  communities and marketplaces.  The aim is to deliver unprecedented levels of trustworthy engagement and opportunity by integrating the Hub’s Human Trust Protocol within the Hub app.


Utilising it’s technology, the company is set to launch its ICOHub app, which aims to address the issues surrounding the ICO scams by way of their ‘trust score’ system and democratic blockchain token voting system.

The Hub app is scheduled to launch in Q4 2018.

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Hub Human Trust Protocol – Investors

Hub is led by founder and CEO Eric Ly, best-known as the co-founder of LinkedIn.  Other listed members of the Hub team include Rich Miller (CTO) and Miko Matsumara (CMO). The company has partnered with DataCollective, UP2398, Legend Capital, and Sway Ventures.


Hub-blockchain-company information -Founder-Eric LyERIC LY – Founder & CEO

Eric Ly is the founder of Hub and a well respected serial entrepreneur, best-known as the co-founder of LinkedIn.  He has also co-founded four other internet startup companies, including Presdo in 2007, which provides an event app platform that facilitates attendee networking while providing a full digital event guide.  He is active within the blockchain space, and sits on the advisory board of American FinTech company, Monarch Blockchain Corporation.  Eric has extensive knowledge and experience with blockchain technology and is a graduate of Stanford and MIT.



Hub is a decentralised trust network powered by blockchain, and provides people with verified portable reputation data and encourages more trustworthy online interactions and transactions.

Hub is currently building it’s network, and has over 50k community members in Telegram.

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