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Maecenas Fine Art

Headquarters 10 John Street London WC1N 2EB United Kingdom Website:

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Maecenas is an art investment platform allowing fractional ownership of artworks.  Maecenas leverages blockchain technology to create tamper-proof verifiable provenance and to enable real-time digital settlement of transactions.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Maecenas lets investors create and manage their own liquid fine art portfolios. Through the platform, art galleries and art collectors can raise cash against their existing artworks.

Partners include, Thomson Reuters, the Dadiani Syndicate and Wilbe Ventures.

Maecenas currently work out of offices in London, Geneva and Singapore.

Maecenas blockchain art company information founder Marcielo CasilMARCELO GARCIA CASIL  – Co-Founder & CEO

Marcelo Garcia Casil Co-founded Maecenas in January 2016.  A Financial Technology Innovation expert, he has wide-ranging experience designing and building mission-critical systems for investment banks in Europe and Asia, and consulting for financial institutions.  Casil is also a collaborator of the Oxford University Fintech Programme.  He currently resides in Singapore.



Maecenas is the first marketplace for fine art investment. It brings together collectors who want to raise funds, and investors looking for exposure to the art market.  The platform allows both sides of a traditional art deal to reduce substantially the commissions paid, that in traditional transactions can be as high as 30% of the total value for the buyer and 50% of the total part for the seller.

maecenas fine art explained

maecenas fine art explained

maecenas fine art explained

maecenas fine art blockchain explained

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