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Headquarters 9th Floor 107 Cheapside London EC2V 6DN United Kingdom Website:

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MultiChain is the popular open source blockchain platform, developed by Coin Sciences, a UK registered company.

The MultiChain protocal is designed to help organisations build and deploy private or permission based blockchain applications with speed. It includes features such as permissions management, native assets, data streams and simple configuration and deployment.

The company partners with IT consulting firms that build blockchain applications on the MultiChain platform as well as companies that have integrated MultiChain into their own product offerings.

An ever growing list of companies are utilising the Multichain platform with enterprise level blockchain products, these include: Accenture, PwC, SAP, Congnizant Technology Solutions and many more.

Multichain company information ceo Gideon GreenspanDR. GIDEON GREENSPAN – CEO and Architect

Gideon started coding as a child and selling his software in high school.   As a hardcore multilingual coder, he has conceived and built many successful websites, including Copyscape, the leading plagiarism search engine, and Web Sudoku, the most popular sudoku online. Gideon has a BA and PhD in Computer Science (Cambridge + Technion) and an MA in Philosophy (London).  Originating from London, he now lives in Tel Aviv, where he teaches software entrepreneurship at two universities.