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Headquarters Platz 4 6039 Root D4 Switzerland Telephone: +41 41 541 92 00 Website:

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ONEBIO aims to play a key role in consent-based unlocking of health related data for the benefit of everyone.

Collaborating with mobile device giant BlackBerry, ONEBIO have developed a blockchain solution to secure bio-data, enabling individuals to have full control and traceability of their information.  The peer-to-peer platform aims to connect individuals, pharmaceutical companies, blood- & bio-banks and healthcare providers in a value-driven ecosystem.

By providing enriched data that is cryptographically secure and valid, the individual’s records become valuable goods for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, who may purchase datasets from individuals directly on the ONEBIO marketplace, where law permits.  The data is then utilised to advance medical breakthroughs and, depending on bio signals from embedded early detection systems that handle the data, also offer healthcare services in return to individuals in need.

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October 2018 – BIODATA announces partnership with BlackBerry.

onebio blockchain company Founder and CEO Bruno EhrlerBRUNO EHRLER – Founder & CEO

Bruno Ehrler founded ONEBIO in September 2017, in Switzerland’s ‘blockchain capital’ city of Zug.  A serial entrepreneur, Bruno holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor in Engineering and an MBA from the University of St.Gallen.  An industrial engineer and entrepreneur, he already holds a US patent and also serves as CEO of 1CryoBio AG, a privately held company in the field of consumables for research and medical use.






Joining forces with BlackBerry on its Enterprise of Things (EoT) technology entitled BlackBerry Spark, designed and built for ultra-secure hyperconnectivity, the ONEBIO platform aims to help individuals, research and non-profit organisations to take more informed decisions to improve our lives.