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Poseidon Foundation

Headquarters Ewropa Business Centre Dun Karm Street Birkirkara, BKR 9034 Malta Website: www.poseidon.eco

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Poseidon is based on the principle that consumers are the key to a climate positive world.  If each and every one of us works together to avert climate change, we can make a real difference, saving our world for current and future generations. Consumers, led by socially conscious millennials with increasing buying power, want to purchase greener products and invest in sustainable projects.

Blockchain technology lets us divide carbon credits into grams, track them transparently, and process microtransactions.  For the first time, consumers can know exactly how much carbon their individual purchases cost.

Poseidon’s solution is to use the energy efficient Stellar blockchain to break carbon credits into microtransactions that can be attached to an individual consumer purchase.

May 2018 – Ben & Jerry’s partner with Poseidon to launch the world’s first digital retail platform connecting consumers with their own carbon footprint using blockchain technology.

Poseidon Foundation company information - Laszlo GiriczLASZLO GIRICZ – Founder and CEO

Laszlo Giricz is the Swiss founder of Poseidon.  After 17 years as a consultant developing trading platforms for banks like JPMorgan and UBS, Giricz realized that one of the world’s biggest markets, worth €49 billion ($54.7 billion) in Europe alone, wasn’t working properly.  Whilst working with Jessica Verhagen, Vice President of Ecosphere+, on an article about blockchain technology’s potential applications in carbon markets, a light bulb switched on in my head: Poseidon was born.

“The carbon market has a high barrier to entry, is inaccessible for the majority of us and is currently not properly managed, so we’re taking that market and making it accessible and transparent”


Poseidon revolutionises the way nature is valued, using blockchain technology to access the carbon market.  Their new payment channel attaches a carbon footprint to any purchase, so people can address their impact as soon as they buy.

Poseidon’s White Paper