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Unchain BV

Headquarters Oudezijds Achterburgwal 151/H Amsterdam 1012 DH Netherlands Telephone: +31 6-51609618 Website: www.unchain.io

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unchain.io is a blockchain solution company that offers a gateway to simplify, accelerate and secure the integration of applications and devices of organisations with blockchain networks without the necessary involvement of blockchain specialists.  It is designed according to the ‘serverless computing’ principles, which means it can scale automatically (up and down) without limitations.

Besides the blockchain integration gateway, unchain.io also consults organisations running blockchain PoCs and pilots.

Unchain.io is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is run by a small, but highly experienced team with over 10 years enterprise technology and finance experience.

Clients include: ABN Amro, Cognizant, IBM and the government of the Netherlands.

July 2018 – Unchain partner with KPN and Microsoft to provide ‘blockchain-as-a-service stack’.

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unchain company information ceo founder Arjen Van OijenARJEH VAN OIJEN – Founder and CEO

Arjeh Van Oijen is from the Netherlands and founded Unchain in 2016.  He has 30+ years experience at the crossroads of business & IT-strategy within the financial services sector, working with both start-up and enterprises.  He held the position as a senior management consultant for IBM for eight years.  Next to that, he is a regular speaker on conferences on the subject of blockchain and distributed ledgers.


unchain.io was founded in 2016 with the mission to create a solution that enables organisations to integrate their applications and devices in a simple, fast and secure manner with blockchain networks.

Since its formation the team have developed ‘The Blockchain Gateway’ and have released an ‘Early Access Program’ version to work with enterprise clients, system-integrators and ISV’s.

‘​’Integrate Any application with Any blockchain, Simple, Secure and Scalable ! ‘​’​

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