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IBM launches cheaper blockchain solution for SME small business

IBM has launched a cost effective blockchain solution for SME businesses.  Currently in beta mode, the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan is being offered ‘free’ for start ups to develop applications on their platform.

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, IBM’s Hyperledger is already delivering blockchain technology to leading industries and companies such as Walmart, Maersk and the London Stock Exchange.  

Marie Wieck, the general manager of IBM Blockchain told CNBC that the new plan is:

“perfect for pilot projects and early stage development work for those who want to build solutions on the IBM blockchain platform, which currently has over 250 active blockchain networks”

IBM’s ambition to bring Blockchain technology to the mainstream is starting to take shape.  According to the report ‘Blockchain: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018 to 2024‘ research predicts that:

“Market is Anticipated to Reach $60.7 Billion with IBM, Microsoft & Accenture Driving Blockchain”

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