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Microsoft and Digital China Partner to Launch Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure

As announced at a Conference in Taiwan on Thursday, Microsoft and Digital China, the largest integrated IT service provider in China, partner to launch enterprise blockchain infrastructure to the region, beginning in Taiwan.

Microsoft Taiwan marketing operations chief, Sun Zhi-Kang explained that integrating Microsoft Azure cloud computing services, will raise the computing speed and security of Digital China’s DADA blockchain services.  Zhi-Kang stated:

“Microsoft’s tools in the strategic layout of the blockchain, and citing the global partner resources, will inevitably be the vision of the industrial application of the blockchain.” (rough translation)

The Azure Blockchain Workbench has seen exponential growth through their partnerships with Ethereum, Corda and Hyperledger Fabric, offering a key, time saving solution for blockchain developers.

Created from Legend Holdings, which became Lenovo in 2001, Digital China is a one-stop IT services concept.  It provides electronic business platforms, solutions and services to a variety of industries, from banking and telecoms to government and public sectors.In pursuit of its ‘Digitised China’ corporate strategy, Digital China has built partnership with over 100 top IT vendors worldwide, becoming the country’s largest integrated IT service provider.  It is listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Nicknamed the “creator of the Goldman Sachs in the blockchain domain,” Sun Yutao, the founder of Digital China believes blockchain needs to be combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to thrive.

Completing the three-party blockchain alliance is High Cool, a leading cloud management service provider (MSP) in Taiwan, that acts as a technical intermediary for corporate and public cloud providers and says it is “committed to helping users access computing services, as easily as water or electricity.”

Microsoft and Digital China Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure
High Cool, Microsoft and Digital China Partner to Launch Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure

Joining the conference, Wu Jiefu, High Cool’s General Manager, explained to delegates that corporate customers often need customised services, plus enterprise applications.  Jiefu stated that through their partnership:

“a blueprint has been born to deliver the best model for future blockchain technology solutions to expand market and business services.”

Following the launch of its IoT research and development (R&D) Center in 2016, and its AI R&D Centre in January this year, Microsoft is now investing US$33 million into its Taipei office.  It is also working on a number of initiatives with the Taiwanese government.

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