Baidu launches a blockchain image app FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

China’s Biggest Search Engine Baidu Launches a Blockchain Image App called ‘Totem’

China’s biggest search engine, Baidu goes live with its blockchain image app ‘Totem’, marking the first blockchain application released on its private XuperChain network. The copyright platform incorporates a ‘Totem Point’ token as an incentive for users validating their images. With established relationships in the copyright industry, bringing in over 10 billion yuan a day, Baidu is aiming to take the lead in the picture copyright industry, and looks to expand to other digital media assets, such as videos by the first quarter of 2019.

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blockchain content rights microsoft EY FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

Microsoft and EY Join Forces to Build World’s Biggest Enterprise Network with Blockchain Content Rights Platform

In a partnership with ‘big four’ consulting firm EY, Microsoft launch a blockchain content rights platform to manage the licensing process, and potentially become the world’s biggest enterprise network. The intellectual property of content generates millions of transactions per month, aggregating to billions of dollars in royalties. With the launch of the blockchain royalties platform, Microsoft and EY aim to majorly transform the value chain, cutting out the ‘middlemen’ and reducing the payment period from 45 days to just one.

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sony blockchain for digital rights FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

Sony Pursuing Blockchain for Digital Rights in Entertainment

Sony file a U.S. Patent to use blockchain for digital rights. The concept of the Patent, filed jointly with subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment, is to use blockchain for copyrighted materials. A patent to develop a digital rights management (DRM) solution, that aims to manage the access to copyrighted materials, limiting it to only those who purchase. Sony has been actively looking at blockchain technology for some time. Indeed, they have already developed an educational blockchain solution on the IBM Hyperledger platform.

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