Deloitte report retail with blockchain technology BCTECH NEWS 

Deloitte Reports, Big Changes are Coming Soon to Retail with Blockchain Solutions

‘Big Four’ auditing firm Deloitte has released a report that reveals that blockchain technology is set to “revolutionise” consumer packaged goods and retail. Deloitte’s Steve Larke stated “Retail and CPG businesses need to act now and plan for future blockchain adoption, or risk being left in the dust.” Deloitte’s own competitor PwC, recently partnered with Vechain on their authenticating IoT blockchain platform, and many companies such as Samsung, are trialling blockchain supply chain solutions.

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healthcare blockchain platform BCTECH NEWS 

Revolutionary Healthcare Blockchain Platform is Launched by Medicalchain

UK-based Medicalchain has launched a revolutionary healthcare blockchain platform Utilising Hyperledger Fabric, it enables patients to complete cross-border video consultations with doctors. The company has been working closely with the NHS, the world’s largest publicly funded health service with one of the most comprehensive health datasets in existence. is the companies first blockchain application to launch. Incorporating Medicalchain’s blockchain based Health Passport, it aims to improve access to healthcare and uses their MedTokens (/MTN) for payment.

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EU and US Legislators Discuss Blockchain Regulations for Business

EU and US legislators discuss blockchain regulations for business, agreeing that in the absence of official guidance, regulatory ‘sandboxes’ are the best approach. Eva Kaili of the EU said it may take a few years for the blockchain industry to be fully regulated. Meanwhile, US Rep David Schweikert said the ‘fog’ we are in now may actually be beneficial.”

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PwC invests in Blockchain BCTECH NEWS 

‘Big Four’ Giant PwC Invests in Blockchain Start-Up VeChain

One of the ‘big four’ auditors and accounting firms in the world, PwC partners with blockchain start-up VeChain, a China-based Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology company. It acquired a small ownership interest in May 2018, via it’s Hong Kong and Singapore subsidiaries. The strategic partnership has the potential to put PwC ahead of it’s ‘big four’ competitors, Deloitte EY and KPMG. 

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Global Head Leaves Deloitte to Join Blockchain Start-Up

Eric Piscini, former global blockchain leader and partner of one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, has resigned from Deloitte to join blockchain start-up Citizens Reserve, who aim to move supply chain networks onto their ethereum-based platform. Piscini’s departure is yet another example of top executives striking out for crypto-based projects. Citizens Reserve’s unique crypto token will be backed by reserve assets, giving the token ‘a guaranteed value’ of $0.01. Picini said that using the ZERV token, allows “nearly instant borderless transactions.”

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htc blockchain phone BCTECH NEWS 

HTC to Release a Blockchain Phone This Year

HTC announces its new blockchain phone ‘Exodus’, it will serve as both a mobile connecting point to blockchain networks and a storage device for cryptocurrencies. Heading the blockchain initiative is HTC Vive founder, Phil Chen, who said they are looking to integrate protocols like ethereum and DFinity within the blockchain phone. HTC aims to start distributing the device with an unprecedented ‘pre-sale’ exclusively to the crypto community, accepting bitcoin and ethereum as payment. He stated: “We’re looking to ship by the end of this year”.

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nasdaq cryptocurrency trading platform FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

DX.Exchange Announces Nasdaq Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

DX.Exchange have announced the launch of the world’s first Nasdaq cryptocurrency trading platform, providing regulated, easy trading for all. By implementing the US stock market giant’s ‘Matching Engine’, the most widely used electronic exchange component of its type in the world, they aim to deliver “a one-of-a-kind, fair trading experience, that puts the traders first”. DX said it is fully regulated in the European Union and will open in June 2018 with the market’s top six cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

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facebook blockchain team FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

Zuckerberg Dedicates Top Execs to New Facebook Blockchain Team

Zuckerberg moves highest ranking executives to build a Facebook Blockchain Team, marking the biggest restructuring in the companies history. The team head will be David Marcus, former President of Paypal and currently a Board Member of Coinbase, the popular digital currency exchange. Cryptocurrency related products have seen an uptake from millennials, and could potentially disrupt his networking market. However, with a board that includes venture capitalists Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel, very active investors in blockchain, Facebook is not to be underestimated.

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coca cola to use blockchain BCTECH NEWS 

Coca-Cola to use Blockchain to Fight Forced Labour Worldwide

Coca-Cola, the US State Department and two other companies have partnered to create a secure global blockchain registry for workers, in the fight against forced labour worldwide. Food and beverage companies are under pressure to address the risk in countries where they obtain sugarcane. Coca Cola says it is exploring multiple blockchain projects and has committed to undertake 28 country-level studies on child labour, forced labour and land rights for its sugar supply chains by 2020. Bitfury will build the platform for this project, together with Emercoin to provide blockchain services.

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Dow Jones Media Trials ‘Brave’ Blockchain Browser

The new ‘Brave’ blockchain browser designed for privacy and security, partners with Dow Jones Media, global news and information powerhouse and publishers of The Wall Street Journal. They aim to trial blockchain digital advertising systems, whereby ‘Dow Jones Media Group, ‘Barron’s’ and ‘MarketWatch’ will become “verified publishers”. Brave’s browser aims to put privacy and data in the hands of the user, by way of a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards for publishers. Brave is created by Brendan Eich, creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla Foundation with the Firefox browser.

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UK Parliament Question Ripple NEWS REGULATORS 

Blockchain Hearing in UK Parliament Question Ripple

UK Parliament question Ripple in a hearing. Asked whether XRP was designed to avoid regulations, Ryan Zagone, Director of Regulatory Relations, explained that Ripple merely use XRP and are not directly connected to it. Martin Walker, Director of Centre for Evidence Based Management, and MPS scrutinised the company. In conclusion, Dr. Kotsialou suggested that cryptocurrencies should not be stopped, however bringing in taxes and employing inter-disciplinary working groups to regulate them, could assist in the long term.

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daico ico vitalik buterin INFLUENCERS NEWS 

Ethereum Founder Launches DAICO ICO Model 2.0

Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin has launched DAICO a new ICO model that merges the concept with DAOs, to increase security. By integrating a Smart Contract, token holders are now able to control the release of funds through a voting system, or indeed vote to close and refund at any time. DAICO could abolish the “pump and dump” ICO epidemic, increasing its potential. The world’s first Daico token offering has launched with ‘The Abyss’, a video game developer.

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