sony blockchain for digital rights FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

Sony Pursuing Blockchain for Digital Rights in Entertainment

Sony file a U.S. Patent to use blockchain for digital rights. The concept of the Patent, filed jointly with subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment, is to use blockchain for copyrighted materials. A patent to develop a digital rights management (DRM) solution, that aims to manage the access to copyrighted materials, limiting it to only those who purchase. Sony has been actively looking at blockchain technology for some time. Indeed, they have already developed an educational blockchain solution on the IBM Hyperledger platform.

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blockchain in travel FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

TUI CEO Says Blockchain in Travel will Replace Intermediaries like Expedia

TUI Chief Executive, Friedrich Joussen believes that integrating blockchain in travel, will transform the industry, potentially breaking the hold that intermediaries like Expedia have over it. TUI Group, world`s largest tourist company, moved themselves out of the role, with the sale of ‘Hotelbeds’ in 2016 for $1.2 billion. They have developed ‘TUI Bed-Swap’ on a ‘private’ blockchain that could be made ‘public’, thus enabling control over agency commissions.

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Amazon Blockchain Templates FTSE / NASDAQ NEWS 

Amazon Blockchain Templates launch on AWS ‘free of charge’

Amazon launch ‘Blockchain Templates’ as a ‘free of charge’ add-on to their AWS resources. Partnering with Ethereum and the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are offering two versions of the technology with pre-set frameworks for quick ‘fast track’ integration. Although Microsoft and IBM have a head start, as the world’s largest cloud infrastructure, Amazon has the potential to grow its share of the market quite rapidly.

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