Walmart is Looking to Revolutionise Package Deliveries with Blockchain Technology

On Thursday, a proprietary U.S. patent was released for the world’s largest discount retailer, Walmart. Its ‘Smart Delivery’ patent, aims to give package delivery lockers an immutable node within a blockchain network. Together with a patent for its ‘Smart Package’, a blockchain-based tool that will integrate autonomous vehicles and unmanned drones, Walmart is gearing up to dramatically revolutionise package deliveries, with blockchain bringing the final missing piece of technology to its plan.

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Unilever and IBM Pilot Blockchain Digital Ad Supply Chain

IBM partners with Unilever to create a blockchain digital ad supply chain, providing transparency for marketers. Already piloting the platform with Salon Media Group, Unilever is using part of its US ad spend to make ‘buys’ on a single shared ledger, tracking their ads. With an annual marketing budget of $9.8 billion, Unilever aim to eradicate fraud and misuse, which equates to a loss of 20 percent of total digital ad spend.

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