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Alibaba and IBM Top the Leader Board for Global Blockchain Patent Rankings

Tech giants Alibaba and IBM top the leader board for global blockchain patent rankings, according to a new report by iPR Daily, a global technology media outlet that specialises in intellectual property (IP) ecosystems. The research, published on Friday by iPR Daily, ranks entities by patents filed.  It stated that it consolidated data as of August 10 from across China, the EU, America, Japan and South Korea, consulting the International Patent System from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The report shows that the Chinese internet giant Alibaba managed to seal the top position with its 90 patent applications focused on blockchain-related…

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Sony Pursuing Blockchain for Digital Rights in Entertainment

Sony file a U.S. Patent to use blockchain for digital rights. The concept of the Patent, filed jointly with subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment, is to use blockchain for copyrighted materials. A patent to develop a digital rights management (DRM) solution, that aims to manage the access to copyrighted materials, limiting it to only those who purchase. Sony has been actively looking at blockchain technology for some time. Indeed, they have already developed an educational blockchain solution on the IBM Hyperledger platform.

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