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Tech Giant Fujitsu to Launch a ‘Five Day’ Fast Track Blockchain Service

One of the world’s largest IT services companies, Fujitsu is launching a new fast track blockchain service that it claims will deliver a minimum viable “ready-to-go” product in just five days.

The consultancy service, with prices starting at €9,900 ($11,550), aims to offer clients a way to quickly identify what will create “business value”, assisting customers to avoid the common “pitfalls” of blockchain projects, encouraging a ‘proof of business’ as opposed to a ‘proof of concept‘ approach.

Fujitsu will take clients from basic introductory lessons on blockchain technology, to proposing a use case, assessing it and finally building a prototype by day five.  Business development and lead architect at Fujitsu, Chris Pilling stated:

“If for whatever reason they can’t progress it now, they can keep the prototype, learn from it, bend it, break it.”

Pilling highlighted that even if the customer decides blockchain is not the best route forward, it will still have been money worth spending, as they will have gained confirmation in a short period of time, he stated:

“There’s as much value having that certainty that it’s not the thing they need at the moment,”

The Japanese multinational company launched a Brussels-based Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center (BIC), back in March this year, from where the program is set to be managed for Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

fast track blockchain service
Fujitsu consultancy offering fast track blockchain service throughout EMEIA


Frederik de Breuck, who is head of BIC and developed the “ready-to-go package” stated:

“Inspired by high levels of interest from our customers, we have created this ready-to-go package not only to jump-start the customers’ blockchain efforts, but also to review and improve existing projects. Available immediately across the EMEIA region, we expect this assessment to have a major impact on unlocking blockchain’s potential for business use cases.”

The tech giant envisions that from its Brussels centre, it will expand the reach of blockchain technology, and promote the research and development of smart city services in Brussels and other cities, enabling the creation of “the city of the future.”

Fujitsu holds almost 50 different patents on blockchain technology, and in the past year has launched a number of blockchain products, including a data storage system for retail merchants, and a secure document and data exchange for companies and organisations.

Along with IBM, Fujitsu is a founding member of Hyperledger, and as such has been incremental in developing and testing new tools on the core Hyperledger Fabric project, for which it is currently helping to commercialise.

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