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UEFA Successfully Distributes Super Cup Tickets Using Blockchain Technology

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has confirmed that they successfully trialled the distribution of Super Cup tickets using blockchain technology, for last week’s football match between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid held in Tallinn, Estonia.

This was not the first live trial however, as well as several other football matches, the blockchain ticketing system was used to distribute 50% of tickets available to the general public, for the 2018 Europa League final in Lyon between  Atlético Madrid and Marseille.

It was following the success of those tests, that EUFA implemented the blockchain ticketing system for the Super Cup, distributing 100 percent of tickets available to the general public.  A UEFA announcement said:

“UEFA is looking to make its ticket sales process for matches more simple and safe—thanks to a new system aimed at providing secure ticket distribution, and which prevents the replication and duplication of tickets.”

UEFA have been dedicated to finding a resolve for the many problems it has encountered over the years with ticketing, such as counterfeiting, duplication and fending off the tricks and scams of ticket touts, all of which can lead to lost revenue.

There has been a great concern regarding the safety of fans, due to overcrowding.  Currently, counterfeit tickets can result in the accidental admission of thousands of extra supporters, in contravention of stadium safety regulations.

High volumes of counterfeiting can lead to fans not being admitted into the ground, and the major concern is if they then begin to riot or stampede, leading to a total breakdown of law and order, such as occurred at the 2007 UEFA Champions League final, between Liverpool and AC Milan in Athens.

Super Cup tickets using blockchain technology
UEFA distribute Super Cup tickets using blockchain technology to deter incidents like the Champions League final match 2007.

With the current system, ticket touts are able to execute technology to automatically buy up hundreds, or even thousands of match tickets in minutes, with the intention of reselling them for several times their face value, denying many dedicated fans access to tickets.

According to a news release on UEFA’s website, tickets were successfully delivered to the mobile phones of fans attending the match, using a blockchain-based Android and iOs app.

Super Cup tickets using blockchain technology
UEFA Successfully Distributes Super Cup Tickets Using Blockchain Technology

UEFA’s ticket distribution system functions on a blockchain framework that integrates with bluetooth technology. The idea is that mobile bluetooth devices at the stadium will connect with the users smartphone and grant entry, only to the user with a validated device, and everything is recorded.

UEFA says that it will continue to fully develop the system, with the aim of employing it for its ticket sales and future events.

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